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We provide professional grooming for your entire yard. Choose our convenient monthly maintenance package or our “On Demand” service. Pressure Washing? Gutter Cleaning? New Lawn?

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Bi-Weekly Lawn Service

Mowing the proper length

Edging and Clean Up

Lawn Maintenance

We use sharp blades to get the best cut on your lawn.  We replace our blades regularly with newly sharpened blades.  This makes a big difference in the overall look and health of your lawn.

We will establish a crisp edge to your lawn.  This provides a well-defined edge between your beds, sidewalks and the lawn.  We also trim this edge on every service!

We blow off all the sidewalks and hardscapes and leave your property looking better than when we arrived.

We are experts at keeping your grass healthy.  You can be sure that we will mow the lawn at a proper height to maintain the optimal health of your lawn.  We can also provide advice and other services to keep your lawn green and healthy.

Bi-Weekly Service

0-500 Sq Ft


501-1500 Sq Ft


1501-3000 Sq Ft


3001-4500 Sq Ft


4501-6000 Sq Ft


6000+ Sq Ft

*Prices quoted above are based on an annual contract paid monthly

Looking for More Than Lawn Maintenance?

The Grass Groomer offers more than lawn maintenance. From Pressure Washing to Gutter Cleaning, Dethatching, and more, see below for our many other services!

Property Clean Up in Woodinville

Property Clean-Up

From flower bed clean-up and mulch to full blackberry/ivy removal projects and everything in between. Call us and we’ll come out to give you a quote on getting rid of your biggest eyesores.
Gutter Cleaning  Services for Redmond, Juanita, Lake City

Gutter Cleaning

We clean gutters reachable by a 32-foot ladder. Roofs that are walkable will be blown from peak to gutter line before cleaning starts and all ground mess from gutter cleaning will be cleaned up.
Pressure Washing - Kirkland, Bothell, Woodinville, and Kenmore

Pressure Washing

Brighten your concrete and asphalt surfaces such as driveways, walkways, sidewalks, and patios with our Pressure Washing service. We remove dirt, moss, algae, debris, and other tarnishments that build up over time.
Hedge Trimming in Kirkland

Hedge Trimming

Performed seasonally per plant needs and at customers’ request per contract obligations. All clippings will be taken away and area will be cleaned after job finished. Regular maintenance of your hedges will promote full healthy shrubs and give your yard that polished look.
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Lawn Fertilizing

Lawn Fertilizer applied in granular form and as follows for monthly schedule: 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th months an herbicide and insecticide will be applied, months 2, 5, 8, and 11 a general seasonal will be applied, and in months 3, 6, 9, and 12 a weed & feed will be applied. Custom options are available.
Detatching your lawn in Mill Creek, Kirkland, and Everett


Thatch is a layer of dead grass that can block sun, water, and nutrients from making their way down to the roots of your healthy grass. We bring in our thatching rake to clear that layer of thatch and haul it away. This, with reseeding, can bring your lawn back to lush and healthy life!
Lake Forest Park and Lynnwood Lawn Reseeding


In combination with our dethatching service, we use reseeding to bring your spongy, bouncy, moss- and thatch-filled lawn back to life. We will use the best seed for your soil and sun exposure to ensure new grass that will last.
Tire Playgrounds in Mill Creek, Everett, and Kenmore

Tire Playgrounds

Let us transform your yard into a safe, fun, durable playground for your little ones. Have an idea? Need an idea? Have us come out to your property and we’ll brainstorm something fun!
Raised Vegetable Garden Service in Kirkland, Bothell, Woodinville, and Kenmore

Raised Vegetable Gardens

We will help you find the best light in your yard for the garden and build it in any shape/size/color you might like. Turn your dead zones into a bountiful harvest!

Customer Testimonials

Along with our light lawn mowers and sharp efficient blades, we bring our integrity and pride in doing a good job. We deliver professional lawn service on a regular schedule. Don’t just take our word for it, take our customers’!

“The Grass Groomer does an outstanding job with our lawn and does a much better work than previous services that we have used. I would definitely recommend them.”

- Angies List User
Eric showed up right on time, and finished right on time. The yard looked rough before the service, but after the service it was AMAZING – true picture quality. I’ve been caring for lawns for 20 years, and in 2 hours he was able to make the lawn look better than I ever could in 4 hours.
Angie's List User
They mowed the lawn several times while we were waiting for our lawn mower to be repaired. They always came when they said they would and did a great job. We have now contracted with them for monthly lawn treatments.
Angie's List User
After that he came to do the work. The area mowed, the stickers that were trimmed back, the area in the driveway, and under the mailboxes, looked great! His work was exceptional and very meticulous.
Angie's List User
I have 0.25 acre in a very damp and overgrown location. Frank came out and bid a total clean up of overgrown vines, weeds, hedge trim, mowing, plus pressure washing the patio, driveway, and walkway. His team worked very hard for two days straight. I’m thrilled with the level of hard work, the hours they put in, and the final results. They asked me about big decisions (how much hedge left?) but made great choices on the small stuff, like where to stop the line between yard and flower bed. Property looks great. Would totally hire again. It was $400 for the yard clean and $400 for the pressure washing.
Angies List User
Our front and back yard needed a complete clean up after neglecting it for some time after we bought our home and just due to general overgrowth that came with the yard. The cleanup included removal of bushes, ferns, ivy, a barrel (which we thought was a tree stump covered in ivy), an old rotten tree and then adding bark throughout various areas. We had many companies come out and give us estimates but they all seemed overpriced and made it seem like it was more work than they wanted to handle. When we contacted The Grass Groomer, Frank and Eric came out to inspect the yard, they were very easy to talk to and gave us a fair quote. We were surprised that it was just the two of them that came out to actually clean up the yard. It took 3 days to do the work. They were very professional and thorough and we couldn’t be happier!
Angie's List User

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